As part of the community, the Company realizes its role in the development of community’s welfare. For this reason, the Company is committed to contributing to the community, while remaining accountable to stakeholders, employees and customers. The Company hopes that its presence in the community can provide a positive impact and influence the sustainability of the community’s livelihood.

In addition to providing a positive impact, the Company seeks to be able to grow and develop together with the entire community. In realizing this, the Company carries out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs as part of the its services to the community.

CSR activities aiming to provide benefits are implemented by the Company by taking into account three aspects, namely 3P (People, Planet, Profit) known as Triple Bottom Line. For the People aspect, the Company pays attention to matters related to individual human beings, such as employee’s welfare, best service to customers, and the needs of other stakeholders.

As for the aspects of the Planet, the Company pays attention and concern to the environment and the surrounding environment, especially those around the Company’s business operations so as not to cause negative effects and potentially disrupt the balance of nature. For the last aspect, Profit, the Company pays attention to economic interests to support the sustainability of the Company in the present and in the future and provide economic utilities to all stakeholders.

In order to optimize the social and environmental impacts, the Company always prepares CSR activities properly in order to achieve the aims and objectives of the programs as well as channel them accurately.



The Company organizes and submit reports on CSR activities according to the applicable laws and regulations, including:

1. Law No. 25 of 2007 concerning Investment which stipulates that every investor is obliged to carry out corporate social responsibility to his environment.

2. Law No. 23 of 1997 (Article 1) which regulates the obligation of every industry to have a Community Development program.



The Company strives to implement CSR programs effectively and efficiently in 2019. Plans for activities related to CSR in 2019 have been prepared to maximize the preparation in the implementation of CSR programs, so that these activities can be carried out well and provide useful benefits to the community.

The Company’s plans regarding the CSR program in 2019 are as follows :

  • Break the Fast with Orphans in Surabaya