The Company is committed to implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) consistently and in accordance with applicable regulations to create sustainable business growth and determine clear roles and responsibilities for all employees of the Company.

By implementing GCG principles in every business operational activity, every layer in the Company can continue to be monitored so that it does not engage in Bad Corporate Governance practices, so that positive values ??and images can be built and continue to be improved.

There are 5 (five) basic principles that guide all Company people in implementing GCG in every line of business, namely: transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness:

1. Transparency

The principle of transparency is an attitude of openness that must be implemented in accordance with the law. Form of action that applies the principle of transparency between

others announced the establishment of the PT in the Supplement to the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia or newspaper. In addition, openness that involves transparency in information or in terms of applying openness management, as well as openness in accurate, clear and timely information on the Company's ownership, both to shareholders and stakeholders.

2. Accountability

The Principle of Accountability is an attitude of information disclosure in the financial sector. In the principle of accountability, control is exercised by the Directors and Commissioners with each different function. The Board of Directors is tasked with carrying out the Company's operations, while the Commissioners are assisted by an Independent Commissioner

supervision of the company's operations by the Directors, including financial supervision. Professional mechanisms, roles and responsibilities of management are needed so that all decisions and policies taken produce effectiveness in the Company's operations.

 3. Liability

The Principle of Responsibility is the attitude of responsibility shown by the Company to shareholders and stakeholders but does not harm the interests of shareholders or members of the public at large. The Company is obliged to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

4. Independence

The principle of independence or independence is a principle that must be applied by all the Company's Management when carrying out their duties in accordance with the Company's Articles of Association

or Guidelines that have been made. The Company's management is not permitted to make a policy if it is under the influence of another party due to an affiliation,

family, management, share ownership, or relationships with government officials. This principle is established through commitments and statements from the Company's Management that the person concerned has carried out his duties in accordance with the principle of independence.

5. Justice

The principle of justice is a principle that guarantees that every decision and policy taken aims to meet the interests of all parties involved, be it

customers, shareholders or the general public. This principle of justice stipulates that each share in the same classification gives the same rights

to the holders. This principle is a manifestation of an element of justice (non-discriminatory) between shareholders in the same classification in order to obtain their rights accordingly, such as the right to propose the implementation of the GMS, the right to propose certain agendas in the GMS, and so forth.



The GCG principles are applied to meet the following objectives:

• Manage relations between stakeholders.

• Conduct business that is transparent, complies with regulations,

and good business ethics.

• Improved risk management.

• Increased competitiveness and the ability of the Company in

facing very dynamic industrial changes.

• Prevent management irregularities



The legal basis for implementing GCG in the Company's environment refers to:

• Republic of Indonesia Law No. 40 of 2007

about Limited Liability Companies.

• Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 30 / POJK.05 / 2014

dated November 19, 2014 concerning Corporate Governance

Good for Financing Companies.

• Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 21 / POJK.04 / 2015

dated November 16, 2015 concerning Application of the Guidelines

Open Corporate Governance.

• The Corporate Governance Policies and Procedures are dated

November 16, 2016.